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eat, move and live for how YOU want to feel.


When you mindfully connect your emotions and energy to how you want to live, you can chase positivity and settle into a place where body, mind and spirit feel damn good.


Eat for how you want to feel.

  • Let's enjoy the food we eat and know that if we chose it from a place of knowledge it will serve us wholly.


Move for how you want to feel.

  • Let's honor the body we live in and all it does for us. Where it takes us and who it takes us to. Let's respect it IN all of its processes and manifestations.


Live for how you want to feel.

  • We won't accomplish instant magic, but we'll be detectives. We’ll do the work that's sometimes hard and that will be when the magic happens.


We'll be open and adventure and try new things.

We'll get to that place where lightness and fullness (in your life, not just your belly) operate simultaneously.


We'll find balance.

We'll define it so you can live in that centered, grounded place.

We'll also find how to comfortably and healthfully go out of balance, stepping away from it to only find it again with more appreciation. We only know what balance is when we allow ourselves to stray from it.


We won't hide.

  • We'll shed the physical and emotional layers and run confidently  to our new selves.


We’ll celebrate.

  • Because you’ll know yourself better and love yourself fully. And you’ll feel amazing.


Let’s do it.