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Studio Consulting

Studio consulting helps your brand with method development, curriculum and content creation, teacher trainings as well as one-off workshops to aid in trainer development.

personal training

One-on-one training tailored to your physical needs, goals and injuries. We'll customize your workouts to get maximum results while still keeping the vibe breezy and fun. 

event classes

Group classes created to fit the aesthetic and intention of your event. Classes can be in the Feel This Burn style, rebounding, HIIT, pilates, TRX or another mashup style. Or, book Feel This Burn...

What's Feel this Burn?

Feel This Burn is a full-body dynamic toning class that exhausts every muscle group and elevates the heart rate all while moving with the music. Light weight and resistance plus the power of your own body weight fuels this class that melds pilates, bootcamp and dance-based movement. Class is bookended with savasana and mindful breathing.  

Feel This Burn Digital Channel


For full scope of work and rates

The Feel This 5-Day Whole Food Detox

includes detox booklet and recipes, food journal pages, daily email support, and plan adjustments for food restrictions or allergies


holistic nutrition sessions

Get to know your relationship with food in a 360, whole health perspective, complete with an action plan to hit your goals and feel good every day. 


meal planning

Meal planning is best for those who need accountability or crave goal-specific results. A traditional meal plan is for four weeks but can be extended upon request. It's, of course, tailored to you with original recipes to fit you life and reach your goals. 


Grocery Run

We’ll shop together and pick out the best items based on your budget and your health goals. Think of it as a personal shopping trip combined with a nutrition lesson. 


Cooking Lesson

I’ll show you how to whip up some easy recipes that fit your lifestyle and needs.  (Best paired with the Grocery Run!)